I believe that a "technological breakthrough" is just a starting point. I believe that the glass isn't half empty or half full. It's just too big. I believe that road maps are easy to refold. I believe using liquid to remove heat more efficiently from integrated circuits is the true definition of "cool". I believe that you don't need a crystal ball to look into the future, just ask an engineer.

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We at ENG Vista, Inc. specialize in the following areas:

- Power supply development and design;
- Power amplifiers development and design;
- Analog design;
- Digital and firmware (embedded) design;
- Printed circuit boards (PCB) design;
- EMI/EMC and safety evaluation;
- Prototypes and small series;
- DFM/DFA/DFT practices;
- FMEA analysis.

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I believe it's better to fix a broken flashlight than spend two dollars on a new one. I believe explosions in outer space only make a sound in the movies. I believe gold jewelry is a waste of a good conductor. I believe Yoda put it best when he said, "Do, or do not. There is no 'try'."


I believe the human hair is not a measurement standard. I believe if athletes could keep pace with the speed of semiconductors, they'd be running a 30-second mile. I believe a man with a semiconductor is still no match for a woman. I believe there's nothing more exciting than a submicron package. I believe it's ironic that some of the world's most amazing advancements have come from a bunch of people playing with sand.


I believe the latest technology is dated. I believe that 50% RH or less means it will be a good hair day. I believe the atmospheric absorption theory can explain why the sky is blue. I believe you shouldn't wear white after Labor Day because it reflects the Sun's energy during cooler months. I believe if life gives you a lemon, make a citric battery out of it.


I believe the human body is the world's most amazing machine, but it had a 100,000-year head start on us engineers. I believe someday soon, even a tricorder will be antiquated. I believe "drug discovery" is more than just a phase some people go through in college. I believe what's blazing fast today is painfully slow tomorrow. I believe the world would be a better place if there were a pill that made everybody think like an engineer.


I believe all questions should start with "what if". I believe if it ain't broke, take it apart and reassemble it anyway. I believe the sole purpose of clothing is to facilitate optimal body temperature and conceal indecencies. I believe taking your wife out to dinner and a movie or staying home to watch BattleBots is a moral dilemma. I believe warp speed is possible, but reverse warp speed is not.

Ads from Parker LIFE sciences (www.parker.com/lifesciences) published in the Design News magazine.