Design Schedule Example

In normal operation typical power supply may generate significant amount of 
heat. It may operate with high voltages and outputs may be accessible by 
an operator. Due to high frequency operation it may generate wide spectrum 
of electromagnetic disturbances. Although impossible to eliminate, these 
effects can be controlled to prevent hazardous operation and interference 
with other equipment. EMI, EMC, Safety and Life testing of power supplies 
is significant part of design process and by its nature requires significant 
amount of time.
A specific project may or may not include all the tasks listed here.

1.      Specification

2.      Design

3.      Schematics ready

4.      Building and testing model

5.      PCB/Mechanical Layout and Magnetics drawings ready

6.      Building and testing first prototype

7.      Validation tests

8.      Building and testing second prototype

9.      Verification tests (detailed electrical specs, EMI, Life test)

10.  Updates

11.  Documentation at production level

12.  Bill of Materials (BoM) with datasheets ready

13.   Building and testing first pilot series

14.  Updates

15.  Building and testing second pilot

16.  Product Introduction